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I've been looking for unbreakable wine glasses for awhile and I finally found one! Great quality product. Crystal clear. Reasonable price. It came with very nice packaging. I'm pretty happy with this purchase. Definitely worth money  I recommend!

Tanya J

I have been surprised with quality of these glasses, they look like a real glass but plastic which is even safer... I'm really satisfied with this purchase!

Iana P

We purchased the Vivocci Unbreakable Plastic Stemless Wine glasses for a family party & boy were they a hit.  They fit our needs perfectly.  The quality of this product is definitely 5 stars.  No worries when one topples off the edge of the table or slips from your hand, no shards or splinters of glass for the toddlers or pets to step on.  The rims on each and every 'glass' was smooth, no sharp edges as in similar products. They wash and dry crystal clear, even after multiple uses.  No scratches, no clouding, they look as good as the day we received them.  We are extremely pleased and will not hesitate to order again.


First of all, just the customer service of Vivocci deserves a 5 Star rating alone!  Amazing and personable.  Very much appreciated.  Regarding the stemless wine glasses, I purchased them to have a 'touch of class' around the pool.  I really like them and they honestly give the appearance of glass.  I like the feel and the size.  They mirror my Riedel glasses I use inside the house.  Just to look at them you can hardly tell the difference! The lip around the top is thicker than the crystal, but minimal, but that is to be expected. You know you are buying plastic glasses.  Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend them to anyone who wants the appearance of elegant glassware, but can't have glass.  Thank you, Vivocci!

Allyson OC

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