Q: What are the glasses made from?

A: Our glassware looks just like real glass, but is actually made of durable Tritan™ plastic.

Q: Are glasses truly unbreakable?

A. The Tritan™ material is a highly durable copolyester and will allow you to get as clumsy as you want with them. The new way to drink is here, and it’s designed to hug your palms, glide on your lips and offer clean, delightful sips.

Q. Do they bend/change shape with a firm grip?

A. No they are hard like glass, but lighter in weight.

Q. Are they 100% Dishwasher safe?

A. Yes, Top rack only.

Q. How much heat these glasses withstand? Up to what temperature?

A. Tritan's heat resistance reaches 108°C, or 226°F. However we would still recommend to avoid any boiling water

Q. Since it’s plastic, will it contaminate my drink?

A. No, 100% safe as they are BPA, BPS, EA and AA-free! No toxic chemicals to contaminate your drinks and put you at danger and absolutely no odors!

Q. Can you use them in the pool? Do they float?

A. If they fill up completely, they sink. Half full, they float